Saturday, October 31, 2009

my sister's keeper is a superrrrr touching show. please bring lots of tissue when u watch it, and dont lose yr tissues in the cinema. hurhur.

woahh. sudden influx of jobs.
tml working for some event at sentosa, sunday for the shape women run uhhh. not quite sure what run, but i know its for women. wahhh! the sat job is like until night, then sunday i gotta reach at 630am, i cant friggggin club on sat night!!! so im sorry guys, im giving halloween a miss :( DAMN!
then monday got runway bridal show, not sure if im doing though cus super damn rush. i hav to skip the lectures right after my tut end then come back before my afternoon tut starts. wtf, i dont think there's enough time. damn again!
early nov gotta go for job training for rugby 7's modelling job. yay! i can watch rugby game while working. heh heh!
next fri- sun having SCC event; think its on the newspaper, some corporate event. yay heng i work for thim for f1, then this time the organisers ask me to work again. heh heh.
Money!!!! :DDDD

and and next wed BUTTER FACT!!!!! :D moreeee photos coming up... HAHAA!
time for bed. gotta work tml, and im gna bask under the friggggin hot sun and get burnt. nightttts all <3