Monday, November 02, 2009

time flies yo! its tuesday already!
had work at marina cove, the one degree 15 there. its a pool party for the imarex ppl, some shipping broker ppl and the clients. riccccch assses. after work, headed down to clarke quay for halloween with graham for awhile then got home cus i wasn't feeling too good. i was standing on the floating platform at onedegree15 and the waves made me motion sickness-ish. HAHA!

kimmmm and myself :D
susanna and me. one degree 15 toilet SUPERRRR huge!!!!! and nice. ;D

clarke quayyyy on halloween. ;D graham's in black with stripes :)
was supposed to wake up at 445am, and reach padang by 630am, but i snoozed my alarm and i slept all the way until jon happened to call me at 555am. then oh shit, faster jump out of bed, brush teeth, change and cab to padang. was working for nature valley event @ Great Eastern Women Run (: great job! was an ambassador for NV, wore tennis player costume and gave out free NV granola bars to runners and pull ppl to booth to play games. work ended an hour earlier, 1030am. went for lunch with jeanette, joel and davian then home. slept, do theory hw, went for piano, met pig, went gym/running with chris. end of day. shaggggg shaggggg.

retarded nigel playing with the dry ice..

xiangluan and i! :D :D

the ambassadors for Nature Valley. :D dragon boater, rockclimber, tennis player, volleyball player and cyclist.
skipped sch, cus had to go SCC for job stuff. then since it clashes with tutorial, might as well dont go sch whole day.... heh heh, im working as a model for SCC rugby 7's tournament. yeahhhh man! ;D and i can watch rugby match at the same time if the sponsors dont require anything from the box. HAHAHA. walk around aft that, wanted to buy a bag from topshop but some idiot pulled me away then i forgot to go back and buy my bag. damn you man! nvm i shall pop by again without idiot. HAHA! dinnered, then home.
tomorrow i shall return to schoooool. class, then go swimming, then go out with ann ann. :D yay yay yay!!! xiao long bao, here we comeeeeeee! ;D ;D ;D
wednesday butter fact again! HAHAHA! our last time last until very long. but nvm, clubbing is fun. well, quite. jonnyboy and i are making our clubbing friendship pact. next person im gna make drunk is jonnyboy, not cindy. cindy, we gang up against him k! HAHA!
hoho, my parcels just arrived. gonna unwrap all my clothes :D :D :D and i just bought more. MUHAHHAHA! hokay, bedtime now! today was a greatttttt day, with no school and a heartwarming day spent.