Friday, October 09, 2009

im currently experiencing a MAJOR FLOOD right now. i just typed out the agenda for monday's meeting and sent it to the whole bonkers planning team. now, im receiving tons and tons of replies everywhere. msn, email, sms.... my fingers are aching from all the massive typing already! :(

todayyyy. xl and i woke up at 9plus. though she heard my alarm ring, she didn't want to wake up cus she say my mattress too comfy, so that girl just slept on. only until 9plus when i woke up, i jumped up. cus our The Ugly Truth movie is at 1050am! so rush rush, prepare prepare, then cabbed down to Lido, just nice, caught the ugly truth in the super super big 2 storey cinema. and its friggggin empty. hahhaa. the show was niceeeeeeee, funny as well! so the two of us went shopppppping at town, in our uberly high heeeeels :D xl couldn't last longer than me in heels. she changed out at Ion. HAHA. bumped into alot of peopleeeee tday :]

left xl to go for casting with jeanette. met larry and joreen at tanjong pagar. met a whole bunch of ppl at the building. the client jap siaaa. damn cute. he's like my jap tutor, everytime call ppl must say san behind. haha, damn cute laaa they all. heh heh. went harry's bar for drinks after casting. talked about emo emo stuff then cocky stuff. HAHAHA! went to buy foooood, cigarettes, chips and walked to busstop. bused back tgt and home sweet home. im dead beat. i've been on my heels for close to 12hours man! HORRAAAAYYY. haha! jeanette wants me to say that she is damn chio and cute. hurhurhur. i'll post pictures up soon.

im deaddddd beat. goodnight everyone. clique's coming over tml for movie marathon, then work. then clubbbbbbbing on sat. yesyesyes. douglas, sam and i were talking just now. we were saying school reopen still go clubbing. damn funny. wed end sch at 6pm, meet at mushroom, go butter tgt. after club, meet outside butter, go school tgt for our 9am class. HAHAA!!! FRIGGGIN RETARDED. i think i can try that one day... i will just dieeeeee in class. haha.
k. nights.