Sunday, October 11, 2009

let the time rewind and indulge in sins

seems like a random phrase? nope, it actually means sth :] *winks to cousin* anyway, my weekend was fun packed. haha, well, my definition of fun pack might not mean likewise for others.

fridayyyy. had movie marathon over at my place with clique. actually it was 2 movies only, cause we decided to go elsewhere for our little body painting. HAHA! awwww, so pretttayyeeee. paddy has all the photos, but that bitch hasn't sent me yet. hellooo if you see this, send me the photossss! :B so clique left shortly after for their own programs, and i had a few hours to spare before i start work. sooooo i was bored and having nth to do, i went to do manicure & pedicure, trimmed my eyebrows and had a massage. HAHAH! i was actually contemplating whether to do hair treatment anot, but decided not cus i will rot sitting inside. after everything, i was running slightly late, so i cabbed down to clarke quay. met my partner, and i wasn't late lorrrr. zzzzzz. anw work was super interesting, lunar is filled with rich ppl man. thennnnn, i met a big group of richhhhhh peopleeee. omggg, they are like asia pacific's richest men, regional directors of diff companies anddddd Prada's son! OMGGGGGG. fuccccking rich can! and they all look pretty young, although they're not so young laaaaa. yeah, but they open bottles like freeeee siaaaa! frigggin alot of bottles. there's like those super big martell bottles that swinggggs, never ending bottles of champagne etc. so yeahhh, i think u guys will know what happens when there's lots of drinks on the table yeahh.
thankssss to GL( your two names combined tgt. LOL) for taking care of me. and my macs funny venture definitely made u guys ROFL rightttt. heh heh.

saturday was greeted with hangover. -.- met the girls in town to do some shopping. left at 5plus to find douglas at vivo. changed and allllll, waited for people, SOME LATEEEE KINGS AND QUEENS. then doug and i accompanied eugene to get bday present for his mum -.- wthhh, we went to bodyshop to get shower gel. the guys are damn fascinated over the body products. i squeezed some body lotion for them on their hands to try. damn funny! u see two guys rubbing their hands and smelling it exclaiming its so nice. i swear its damn gay. hahha! paid and all, had dinner and went over to powerhouse to put my super huge bag in the locker. hahaha. stayed around to book table inside, but my cash people weren't here yet, so i cant open bottle. by the time they're here, table was taken up. but nvm, i still hav another table with cj. heh heh. henggggg ah. i met so so so so so many ppl!!!! quite a number are those that i never expected to see them there and im surprised they still rmb me. hahaha! settled everything, queue, tables, bottles, people etc etc. until my hp died -.- then went in to drink, had like 6 bottles altogether? thanks guys for opening :) after thattttt. normal clubbing stuff luh. haha, lotssssss of scandals etc etc etc. nvm, all our motto for clubbing are the same. HAHA! goshhhh, it was super interesting and fun.

here's some sneak peaks of last night.......

eugene, douglas, me and sam

cousin, me, wayne, cj, alvin, sam

smoke breakkkkkk. cousin and i :)

group photoooooo! :D

toodleeesss! off to prepare tml's meeting materials. gotta do up slides and print stuff tml morning. busy busy. tml's first day of meeting for bonkers helper team. egggcited! :D then followed by temasek league series, and im playing captain's ball! YAY! and after that, gonna gym with chris. was telling the ruggers ytd that i wanna gym. drink too much, feel too guilty. heeeee. kay bye world. im so damn frigggin tired.