Tuesday, October 13, 2009

im coughing like mad again, and my com just crashed a moment ago on me. now my com feels weird, like i cant see right to the bottom, its blocked. weirdddddd. and my knees are damn pain, even when im sitting down, it stings :(((((

today went interview with xl at suntec and met nigel there. quite alright, so we're gonna start work on thurs and fri :) yay, loveeee youuuu :D then we went for short lunch and trained back to school for temasek league series. rather stupid to turn up wearing formal. hahhaa. changed and all and played captains ball. me, xl, cherhao and andrea took turns to play for hss cus they not enough players. halfway through the game, i fellllll. like fell down den glideeeeee on my knees. HAHA! i swear its friggin retarded, but hilarious. ended up i had bad abrasion and cut, and i think i got a swollen knee. xl came to look for me in the toilet and gave me dressssing for my wound. awwww! loveeee <3
sports club got 4th overall! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!! :D

now i just took out my dressing, i think my right knee swelled abit... :( went to look for yuen huei with xl to discuss about bonkers. okay, gonna make another appointment for meeting with him and raymond by the end of the month.. oohhh, lots of things to do.

after the breakup, i feel that im better off alone
i can enjoy life freely
i dont wish to be tied down
or account to anyone
i just wish to be surrounded by f.r.i.e.n.d.s
who all care for me in the same way