Saturday, October 17, 2009

work and activities happening lately has taken a toll on me. i've been falling ill over and over again. the other time i just recovered from "H1N1" lookalike, and now im sick all over again. having super bad cough, sore throat and sometimes fever.....
sigh, lack of sleep and work daily did this to me.

school's reopening already, i haven't had enough fun! :(((( nevermind, i'll still try to have fun when sch reopens.... wed night out :) lucky my thurs class starts at noon. :D okay my throat's really hurting me alot, because i cough too much. ughhh, i want to see doc soon! when im free like tday to see doc, the clinic's closed and i hav to wait till monday to see one. greattttttt!

bedtime. toodles :)