Monday, October 05, 2009

hello! my world is upside down man! im so damn busy cause of work. zomg! im doing events and all. and i just got email for 5 events when i haven't even completed the current event im working right now. tsk tsk tsk! im perpetually tired everyday! even when sch reopens, i still have events to do, some even clash with my school timetable. guess i'll have to figure out which is *ahem skippable*..... hahahha! money is good man!

tomorrow event again for Melior, then off to school to meet chris for swim and gym session. haha. heng i still keep fit. by the rate im eating, i'll be fat pig if i dont exercise. im thinking of going tioman for snorkelling and a getaway before school reopens. and get a nice good tan as well! hahaha. BUT, i have event job on 16-18th. fuckkkkkk, how i go overseas siaaaa. like that only can go on weekdays. anw go weekdays better, dont have crowds. yay! good good. love you phoenix!

and another shocking thing is.... i might be joining back triathlon. HAHAHA! i think im mad. but i kinda miss training with them. haha. dont know i can cope anot. im like in charge of major project for sports club(my beloved bonkers), still got school, projects, modelling, work, sports club stuff. and now triathlon. i think im mad. okay see how. im going to see tri's advisor tml, see what he thinks abt me going back to the team. if i can cope anot. ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

kayyy i wanna sleeeeep already. sorry for wordy wordy posts. i have no time to upload pictures. anw midautumn festival was well spent, with family at the reservoir instead of at the clubs. HEH! henggggg i never go, so damn fucking crowded! with the group of ppl i despise. hurhur. nvm, club this sat! YAY 3 BOTTLES WAITING FOR ME! muahahahha!

time for bed! tomorrow start work at 11am. tskkkkkk. i hate the mornings. and great! i have to take bus myself. dad's car broke down this morning while sending me to work -.- just greattttt!