Friday, October 02, 2009


a super lazy friday. i stay couped at home. upload photos, albums, tag ppl, watch gossipgirl.

school's gonna resume again, that's the end of freedom. but then again i still can have fun when school reopens. jon and i made a pact to attend all lectures for the coming sem. i hope we achieve our goal man! *highly doubts so but crosses fingers though*
i desperately need to pull up my socks and my GPA.

sighhhh, next week's gonna be a hectic week. mon-wed: event job. mon-thurs: sunset bay work. so mon-wed i start at 11-230 for 1st job, 2nd job 3-10pm. WOW. i have 30min for travelling only. greattttttt. friday clique coming over for movie marathon then at night got promo job again. sat go clubbing! YAY!!! POWERHOUSEEEE! :D

kay, im off to watch my tv and eat mooncake later. we've got tons of it from business agents/clients. -.- toodles. im so gna get sick of mooncakes