Friday, November 20, 2009

i need a breather seriously.

tprawks just ended, with a blast. it was a fun and enriching 3 days, not to say tiring as well. i slept for like a few hours each day? but it was well spent in lounge. haha. all the bonds fostered among the main coms of each clubs, i love it :) and the new friendships made between my PLs and rawkers, i love it as well. im thankful for such a wonderful team i had for tprawks. my first time as a CL was a very memorable one. Tprawks means so much to me...

so i returned back to class on thursday, finding myself as a lost sheep... i really need to buck up on my studies. i have totally no clue on what is going on with my modules. this cannot go on, i dont want to retain.. okay, so i went home to rest after tutorial. went out in the evening to flyer to do my fieldtrip report. end of day.

today after tutorial i had to go for make up orgcom class, cus i missed my wed orgcom due to tprawks and my tutor doesn't want to give me my 5% marks unless i make up a class with her -.- wth, so i attended a foreign orgcom class, filled with unknown ppl. great, what a loser i am. went to find mich at mensa then went bizpark to slack. went to haji area for modelling stuff, then to orchard central essential to dye my hair. haha, it is for my hairshow fashion runway this coming sunday. hairstylist needed to touch up my hair colour. so after 2hrs plus of smelling ammonia and rotting my ass off, i now have a lighter coloured head, and my highlights are even more lighter now -.- greattttttttttt

tomorrow's runway rehearsals.... sunday's showtime. its at helipad, some bar at central. and im having a super bad headache, ever since i came back from tprawks. i think its due to lack of sleep.
and constantly smelling ammonia is not helping at all. im going to turn in now.
i feel nauseous :(

is it wavering?
i cant let myself do so
cus i made a promise.