by - November 22, 2009

wooohhh. nowadays mom has been pestering me to go winter shopping with her. well, i hav to do it soon. still got some jackets, the body clothes thingy(sth that u wear and it keeps the warm temp inside at all times), turtle neck and long sleeved clothes.. i think that's all im left, but that's practically everything. -.-

christmas is approaching soon! i can feel the jolly season coming. tsk, but i cant celebrate with my friends.... :( but on the other hand, i get to play with snow and ski and spend it at korea this year :) yayness! have fun during xmas, be good and santa might just give u present!

ohhh, i rmb during tprawks, the rawkers challenge, the diff colour groups were split. one of my afro green went with punk red, so cj and i came up with this xmas cheer combining the 2 empires tgt. haha, its damn cute, but i kinda forgot part of it. heh. will tell u next time if i rmb

okay, its 8am now, gotta go get ready and all. piano at 9am. gotta reach toni n guy by 11am, full dress rehearsals at 4pm at helipad and show time at 7pm. wish me luck walking on my 5inch heels!
p.s. the flooring is damn slippery, i tried it ytd. =x
ughh. i must stand firm on my decision.
but why do i find myself wavering
im sorry i dropped everything
the three days evoked things,
but i just cant do it.
the bottom line, i can only be a friend,
a special one.
do take care.

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