by - November 23, 2009

woahh. life has been busy busy busy x100000!

ytd was a blast! reached toni n guy academy at 11 sharp, my hairstylist got down to business straight. it was damn painful, having yr hair stretched and pulled over yr ear flat, like as if u're wearing a swimming cap. then did make up, it was done by a group of very special people. hahaha. ummm yeah, very special, i also donno how to describe.... not man not woman. yeahhhh. hope u guys get it. then tried on my costume, the top cost friggggin 499bucks!!! its from like what electrism or whatever lahhh. but then right, i dont find it nice =/ hurhur. went over to helipad, rehearsals then some photos here and there and show time! it was swift and good (: photoshoot upstairs again and i left shortly. went to undo my hair. I SWEAR ITS THE MOST PAINFUL PART. the front of my head has a frigggin painful huge bump caused by the tying of my hair to secure the base of my turban. fucccccccckkkk man!

here's some photos of how my hair looked like. my section of girls is the crazy london fashion week toni n guy hairshow styles. so all like damn crazy. i dont have photos of my other girls' hair, but will show u when i get the photos. ;D
left: sam pig and i! right: sandrina and i at helipad

left: sandrina and i(: right: my back view, a frigggin tight T!!!!!
today had classes, went down to orchard central essential saloon for my hair scalp treatment. hahah! jonathan damn nice please. he's my hairstylist. when he uploads photos and tag me i'll show u who he is. he damn cute :D hahaha! rushed back to sch for class. had test which i only know earlier this morning, so totally didn't study. damn suay can. i do halfway my com hanged, it didn't allow me to proceed on to other qns. so in the end, i had to do my test through my tutor's lms account. HAHA! and i scored 5/20. wow. he wanted to look at the score page and record down but i closed it alr. then im like "tcher even if i wan to bluff u, i also wont tell u such a low score right." my tutor was like ya lor, true hor. -.-
went over to lounge with shah and ryan. stopped at mensa for food, bumped into chelsie & co. talked and all, then checked the OTC results. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! IM IN IM IN!! :D :D :D slack at lounge, talk cock, left at 730pm. end of dayyyyyyy. :)
ohyes, i think this will remind me not to smoke.....

i got a friggggin ugly burn mark on my leg cus i accidentally burnt myself when smoking in the club. fucccccckkkk, its like red, popped up and a little pain if i press it. -.- ugly shit, will take some time before it fades. :(
okay, im going to start doing more shoots to get my bucksxzxz. && waiting for my various pay to come is like waiting for pigs to fly. half marathon is approaching, and im no where near race standard. ughh.
oh oh, and i think i need to train my legs. i have rather weak legament(or whatever u spell it). cus my knees would hurt like fuck after a marathon. even aft i run 10km, my knees hurt like a bitch alr. i need a remedy man. think i needa train my leg endurance to make up for my weak knees. sighhhhh. but 21km is so near. i pray that i wont suffer a broken knee.....

stupid farhan went to announce my little secret over the mass emails sent among all of us. zzzz so paiseh pleaseeeeeeee.. haha.
okay time to write my report, do bonkers stuff and update my packed schedule... bedtime shall be very lateeeeeee tonight :(

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