Friday, November 27, 2009

omfg. work is never ending. just after i complete 2 stuff, more are cominggggg. okay lets see what i have these few days....
tday: hangout with clique plus catchup session plus camwhore.LOL
saturday: long distance run at ecp with some tri ppl, study session with chester, maybe going out aft that
sunday: piano, shopping with mom for korea necessities
monday: class, lunch with afrogreen CLs(which is issac and eugne!), class, OTC briefing at 730
tuesday: class, swim, doing sth i forgot what
wed: class, bonkers meeting with xl in between my break/skipped lectures, public speaking special occasion speech (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAHHHHH), training(or self training)
thurs: standchart REPC helpout, training back at sch at night, sports club main com meeting
fri: standchart REPC helpout
sat: standchart REPC helpout, tprawks outing at sentosa (will drop by aft i end my work)sun: MY STANDARD CHARTERED HALF MARATHON RACE!!!!!!

then term tests starts..... i have 4 papers, lucky all 4 on diff days; 8,9,10,11 dec. shit shit shit shit shit... im doooooomed!

and and im trying to write my CV now for internship submission. wtfffff, so hard to write can! must write down evey single bit of detail of what u did in sch. omgggg, how i rmb! luckily, i thought of sth. just go to yr seal points system then copy everything there and drop inside yr CV. cus whatever u participate in sch that is recognized, more or less will be in seal system. so just copy everything there. TADDAAAAAA! but still got the outside sch stuff must fill in. wahlauuu, i think i need more than 1 day to do up my CV.

internship is approaching!!!(to me luhhhh.) im kinda scaredddddd. last time i used to be so happy about it. now, thinking about it, i have to leave tp for 1 sem! :( cant bear to. haha.

one day of butter remedy again. hahaha....

left: jonnyboy and myself! :D right: celeste! coincidentally, we were in laces :D

left: cindy! we grew close bcos of our butter remedies tgt. HAHA! right: eugeneeeeeee cock face

left: see desmond's donno wad face. haha. think it was accidentally taken when he was going to lucien's side when he got punched. right: ryan tan!

and sam goh! :)
okay gotta head out now, im running late. toodles! :)