Saturday, November 28, 2009

go watch this video. the first time i watched i think its damn funny. HAHAHA! she's damn dumb i swear.

hohoho. its 11am in the morning, and im so tired.... haha. my table's in a terrible mess of paper and all.. im so hardworking. LOL. not exactly true but getting somewhere there. hahaha. going citylink later :) :) for a purpose everyone will just doubt, so i shall keep it to myself. haha. ohmygoshhh, i still have so much to do... school work, projects, bonkers(!!!), modelling work and castings. ohyessssss, i cant work for zoukout already!!!! :( :( :( cus casting is on monday, 4-6pm, but i have stupid tutorial. ARGHHHH. #!%*%$&!$#% nvm, next year then^. anw we'll be heading down powerhouse on 12dec to club since its the end of term test. and it'll be my only clubbing trip this dec cus im extremely packed in dec.

okay i just rmb i hav to write a report for attraction management which is due on monday. holyshit. and BCM assignment due on thurs, but i haven't even printed out my assignment sheet. and and public speaking corrected speech on wed. holyholyholycrappp x 100000. kill me please. i hate 2.2!!! okay, c'mon, its going to be over soon soon soon. im looking at internship first.
SPEAKING OF INTERNSHIP, i realised another thing ytd. my bonkers is on 30march, my internship is in 3.1. FML SERIOUSLY. how am i supposed to go for bonkers day man! i asked xl when's her internship, hers is during 3.2. i told her mine's 3.1, she's like oh my god.
okay okay, no matter what, i die or dont die confirm must go for bonkers, force my boss let me take leave.

time to bathe and head out soon. a happy picture to end off :]

xoxo, my beloved gfs <3