Sunday, November 15, 2009

YAY! MON-WED NO SCHOOL AGAIN! muhahaha, this time im having tprawks event, and im CL this year! omg omg, so exciting! and i have 3 days of LOA. yeahhhhhh! but im missing alot of classes.
lets see... mon-wed tprawks plus stayover in sch. wed night go work. thurs go school, home to rest and research on bonkers stuff. fri go school, modelling interview, go out, campfire in the evening, stayover at michelle's place to discuss bonkers. wow, im only going home on thurs -.- my house is really like a hotel. sat modelling rehearsals, sunday is the runway fashion show! yessssss man!
i dont need to study already. dec comes helping out standard chartered REPC, then run my 21km marathon, which im totally not ready for, cus i didn't train for it. greattttttttttttttttttt. -.- life sucks, get high on drugs and die. hurhur.
okay i shall go pack my stayover bag with 4 days worth of clothes. then head to town for my hairstylist to go through my hair for the show. toooodles. but first, nap time! :D

XIAOLONGBAO day with ann annxzxzxz!

this is my fav shrimp pancake that isn't written on the menu. :D secrettttttttt.

me+you=forever <3