Saturday, November 14, 2009

school is of no mercy still. i haven't attended a single lecture since the start of term and i've been wasting my time away doing hell knows what. ohwait, i know.. gambling. its starting to get addictive. so does cigarettes. shit, my life is turning upside down for real. term tests are approaching, im really contemplating on skipping it.
friday was extremely fucked up. clique and i were supposed to go escape theme park for field trip but it was down for maintenance. how the hell am i supposed to say anything nice about escape when i myself want it closed.... my 5000 word report is going to be full of bullshit. ohhyes, ytd was CCN, but my class decided not to do it last min. just merely walking around can burn a hole in your pocket. i got bored, so i went to look for simone & co. our fingers got itchy so we went sports complex to puff. anyhows, caught 2012 afterwards. it was good! now im scared of the end of world. hurhur. then went over to SMU for some rock band concert shit. prata, then home. and it was raining the whole day ytd!
today is a clean up and clear work load day. i packed my entire table and now its so damn clean. gonna work on bonkers stuff later on,then out in the evening :) ohoh, im chosen to do hair modelling. guess what, its not just hair modelling whereby u sit on the chair and someone does yr hair and tada! nono, this time round, ppl do my hair, makeup and wardrobe for me. then im gonna do a runway fashion show at some bar on the 22nov. COOLNESS! cant wait! :D but there's lots of things to do before hand. like i gotta meet up hairstylist, wardrobe stylist and directors etc etc. nevertheless, im sure it'll be an interesting event for me :]
some photos of adam twin and i. :)
this bar is called cable car, damn cool right!! :D

my twinnnie! know why we're twins? cause our chinese name is the same; li ting. its just diff pronounciation. hahaa!

till thenn.. stay good kiddies! :]