by - December 31, 2009

FINALLY! finally bonkers memo is up up up! and i got my first reply from a sponsor. yeahhhh! so damn happy! all my hard work better pay off. haha.

tues was so stressed doing memo. haha. i went back at like 11plus... so late -.- then wed came and i fell damn horribly sick... i woke up at 6 to go for class at 8am. then i realised im going to be late cus i was still at hougang at 730. so since im going to see a doc i might as well see now and rest at home awhile then go back to sch to meet xiangluan at 2pm. so i went polyclinic. when i went in, the nurse took my temp. it was 38.2degrees. then when it was my turn to see doc, it dropped to 37.2 degrees. so the doc said i got no fever.
thennnn, aft half a day of doing memo, i went to SAA to get it checked and printed.. and i fell asleep on the sofa in office. heh. eric woke me up. -.- idiotttttt. he felt that i had fever so i got panadols. and he took my temp. guess what was it. 39.5degrees. gosh. the last time when i hit 40degrees was when i was a kid man... stayed until the memo was printed out and all.. then left to go home. wah i felt damn weak. super weak and tired.

today i think im better, but i think my fever is starting to rise. my cough is still as bad. and my stomach muscles hurt from coughing too much. actually every part of my muscles hurt and its damn sore. i dont know what to do also. today i pretty much slept the whole day. i woke up at 9plus to have my breakfast and medicine. then i got drowsy and fell back asleep, and i re-woke at 3pm.. and i watched MR BEAN MOVIE just now. HAHAHA! OMG DAMN CLASSIC.
im gonna have countdown at home with my parents -.- then sleep after that. ohyeah, im gona sleep the whole day tml as well. ohwait, gotta work on bonkers stuff. getting sponsors and all.

oh oh, i got into osip, its World Expo at Shanghai. they are paying for my lodging and sch is paying for my flight. on top of that, they're giving me salary of $1000. but! there's a problem. it clashes with bonkers and FO. training is on 26-30 march. then 1st week of april, i gotta fly off to shanghai for internship already. oh god, i have to make a choice. a tough one. :(

back to sourcing and emailing sponsors then rest awhile and watch countdown party show. hahaha. watch from home instead of going there. =/

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