by - December 29, 2009

snowing at seoul airport. :D

sneak peak of photos. more coming up! :)

HELLOOOOO im back from korea, actually i was back ytd already. i shall blog about my korea trip with photos at a later time, now im here for slight update. i miss everyone! hahaa.

when i came back school, woahhhh all the stress is back and everything starts flooding.. how i wish i could stay in korea all day long, den i wont be so stressed up here. my biggest worry is Bonkers. im in a panic state and all cause of the memo and the upcoming recruitment drive. i was worrying about it even at korea man.... =/

ytd had classes in the morning, super shag cus i just came back from korea and i slept at like 5,6plus in the morning, and woke up at 9 to go school. damn shag i swear. i was like still in korea mode, and found spore so damn freaking hot. ahhaha! then aft 6pm class, met xiangluan at clubroom and we sat down to discuss about bonkers and update each other. went down to SAA office look for darren, ask him to help look through our memo and all. soooo many faults. omgggg i was so scareddddd. then cleared up everything needed, yeuan huei popped by at a later time! :) awwwww miss him so much. haha. spent a longggg time in office doing memo and taking notes, then went back clubroom to continue on my memo. shifted to engine lab cus SAR closing.. did memo until like 11plus? went home, continued again, fell asleep on laptop -.- woke up this morning at 8, got ready for class. and here i am back in clubroom, working on my memo again. i wanna submit it later so must must must finish it.

but first, im gonna go for a chiongster swim to destress. but then again, i dont think i can swim much, cus im sickkkkk. im coughing non stop man! so irritating. >:[

siggghh, im quite worried about my studies. after getting back my term test, i did my calculations and all, i think i might repeat. shit man, i need to ask someone if its really true that i'll repeat anot, cus im not quite sure how the school system counts. fucccckkk im so dead meat. so friggggin stressed with everything.. but i must cope, i must must must!

kay off to swim then back to this colddddd room again. and council meeting at 7pm tonight... and there's run training tml... should i go? but i haven't been going training for 2 weeks! first is because of OTC, 2nd week i was in korea. i should go this week right?

im still not over . i think
i still feel a tinge of ......
i dont know.
life has to go on without this.
i miss everything last time.

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