Sunday, December 20, 2009

people change people. loved ones change you for the better. do you agree? do you believe in love at first sight? i dont know, but i kinda think i believe. whether things will work out afterwards or not, its a different matter already... but i wish you two all the best :)

town was like sardineish, human jam everywhere. headed over to 313 for shopping. bought cardingan, accessories. :D all the queue for trying of clothes was fucking long. stayed in times bookstore, read humour books and biography. haha, damn nerd i know. but i think its interesting. oh oh, war issues are extremely addictive! me like it (:
dinner at cream bistro @ pacific plaza. and i received the cutest thing ever! :) met paddygoh to pass her xmas presz. headed to ps to get my build-a-bear birth cert for my cutest thing ever! :D

mango pudding; my cutest thing ever! :D

packing day!!! pack luggage day.... my whole family's done, except for me. met long-time-never-meet-up with melvin budz for lunch (: lepak at my voide deck, wanted to call shawn down but that ass is probably asleep... then meet savin to get my bonkers design, talk awhile and home to pack luggage. carried on with my bonkers sponsorship list.. finally doneeeeee, after 103859175 years! ohmyyy, must settle everything before i leave...

Tuesday! (todayyyyy)
i cant go Novir's virgin outing :((((( im damn damn sad! but nvm i shall wave goodbye to my beloved novirians from the plane. they'll be sure to feel my love from above. hahaa! did a final check through on my luggage. ethan called me and told me soooo many things, which i didn't know. 1) i didn't know without moisturizer, i will get face burn. 2) i didn't know without scarf, i will get neck burn. 3) i didn't know i will even might be able to get sun burn at korea. 4) i didn't know i cant wear 1 layer of socks only. GREATTTTTT. my scarf is frigggin thin, i dont hav face moisturizer, my socks are only enough for 1 each day....... okay im going DFS later to buy my face moisturizer, and i'll go korea and get my scarf and socks. HAH! i think should be alrightttt. its 6degrees over there now. im gna die, cus i think genting is damn friggin freezing already.
fun fact 101: ethan is damn aunty. he has all the tactics of being a full-fledged aunty.

i cant wait to start skiing! i'll be skiing on day3, which is thursday! :D

okay this shall be my last post before i leave spore. will be away for a week! if i get a com there i shall blog. till then. take careeeeee :)
here's 2 funny video ethan shared with me. enjoy! :)

Jessica VS Yoona's strength. LOL

Tiffany for Taeyeon. (buggggg alert!)

some things are hard to put down.
but i still have to find the determination to do so.