by - December 19, 2009


made new friends and bonded with all throughout the 3 days (: so happpyyyyy! now we're all anticipating out blog, outings and chalets!!! and i'll be looking forward to make mathew drunk so we can have a good show to watch when he tells things. heh heh heh! *rubs hand in glee*
oh oh, note that sports com has vicious mosquitoes that are like poisonous shit man! i had like 20 bites when i was writing my memo on top of sports com, at the wooden benches overlooking the hall... wtffffff, damn itchy. then nvm, next day all turned damn red and itchy and the 3 on my feet swell. then on day3, it swelled until i couldn't wear my shoes cus its damn painful and itchy when the top of my shoe presses down on it. asssss man! show u my poor bites. its better now alr, but the ones on my feet looks miserable. :(
the one on my feet looks like a bruise right. -.- and the ones on my thigh are like in a rectangular shape, the bites formed 4 corners. -.-
anywayyyy, i managed to survive day1 with 1hr plus of sleep and day2 with 3hrs plus of sleep. then went clubbing straight aft camp with simone, cpr, megan, bao, weilun, cass, and etc etc. nearly fell asleep in the club, BUT, heng i nv die in the club. thought i would die cus was really tired and all. hahaha. crashed at cpr's place with simone and megan.
went over to toni n guy @ ecp for my scheduled haircut! i got a shorter fringe, andddddd shorter hair length. omggggg, i feel that its so short now, i cant run my fingers through my hair till my stomach there. now it stops at my chest :( my hair feels shortttttt. but mom says its nicer. ohwellsss. =/
im so tired. tml gonna be going out day, and sunday is pre xmas celebration(: then monday lunch with melvin buddy and pack my luggage and im off to korea the next day! :) :)
but but but, im super super worried for bonkers!!!! i have so many things to ask paul and darren but they're all at bangkok now. worse is paul is going to be on hols till 2jan. by the time darren is back i'll be at korea alr, xl is coming back only on the 23/24dec. she's in msia currently. omgggg, recruitment drive is so damn near. okay, paul says we cannot panic. i think i have to do work while im at korea. nvm, all for bonkers! lets go xl!

time to edit memo again later and tml before i head out... something wrong with the budget, gotta revise it later. omgggg, and emylee isn't in spore i think, cus her phone's offed. im allll alone.. nvm, they're here mentally for me.. off to work! nightttts all! <3

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