by - December 13, 2009

photo shoot was super super super fun on sat!!! went to mick's house for the shoot. frigggggin big lah his house and damn artistic. its a 3 storey colonial type shophouse behind centrepoint, the stairs inside his house is fully glass, he has a huge ass tv mounted like into the wall (believe me the tv is the size of yr bedroom, almost cinema size), big big long sofa, jacuzzi bathtub, FRIGGGIN BIG MIRROR and a grand piano. oh and lots of mac and other computers around. OMG OMG OMG OMG. i swear his house is THE BEST HOUSE EVER.
he's like damn accomplished in the photography and movie producer line. damn awesome. my photographer, patrick, told me that mick thinks i hav the face for acting and might have a chance to go over cebu for another of his movie shooting. he shoot finish one recently, i saw his works.. dammmn cool! plane ticket, accomodation all paid, PLUS still got "salary" earned per week and its is USD!!! and if its gonna be for 5 weeks if i go over. coolnesssss, its like 4digit pay.

butttttt i gotta wait till i finish sem 2.2 then i can confirm things. cus only then i will hav my longer hols. just go google Mick Gleissner, you'll see alot of his kickass works. :D
*cross my fingers and hope i get a chance to go cus i really wanna go*
some photos from the shoot. haven't got everything yet.

FRIGGIN HUGEASS TV. this lens doesn't do u justice man. in real life, its sooooooo HUGEEEEE!
okay, so after that, went cindy's place to bathe, change then powerhouse. it was uber fun! almost 3/4 of our 20 people group was drunk.. HAHA! mostly guys. we had 5 bottles of chivas, all ta neat first, then played 5-10. HAHA! every guy was almost a goner that night, some girls also.... someeeee. HAHA! me wasn't :D :D :D proud of myself! heh heh heh. *pats on the back* so after drinking, johnson, juihsin, crosby, weijie, hk all couldn't made it inside PH, they also pulled lin hui to stay with them, dont let her go in. zzzzz. wth. lame lah they all. anw clubbing was alright last night. powerhouse like kena police raid or sth. cus we danced halfway, they stopped the music and the lights came on.. damn spoiler, you can hear literally everyone booing. HAHA. so that stop allowed everyone to see who they were dancing with and to get sober. LOLLLLL! saw plenty of familiar faces there. haha.. i think everyone had alot to drink that night, so all of us were a little off... which explains all the unhappiness and allll. but still, friends forever + clubbing clique love! :)

surprised visitor; ruixing! ivan so cute. HAHA!

power packed chivas! and and group photo, but missing ruixing, johnson they all.

piano in the morning was groggy cus i only had 2hrs of sleep and alcohol after effect kicked in. i almost fell asleep on the keys -.-

went out with mom to shop cus she wanted to.. went OG, she wanted to get the ecco shoes, but dont have her size, so she's going to the boutique to get it.. i saw one orange flats from ecco, not bad. my mom say i wear finish all my chapalang flats then she buy that for me. haha, cus one pair costs 190bucks. -.- so we walked and i forgot what she bought. but i rmb i persuaded her to buy my 150bucks Sembonia bag for me. MUHAHAHA! cus my mom thinks i have too many bags so she refused to buy for me. but i managed to persuade her to buyyyyy. yay! she say go korea carry, then come back can go sch carry. yeah man! aweeesome!

todayyyy i went marina barrage for picnic! :D :D first time yo, i go there for picnic, and not some race pit stop. LOL. it was super windyyyyy i swearrrrrr. my hair was never in the front, it was blown to the back at all times. haha! lotssaaaaa photossss to update, but glenda hasn't sent me them yet. i predict she'll take 100years. HAHA! but tday was fun! even richson suggests to do it another time before we start sch. but sadly, im all boooked. nvm first weekend when sch reopen :) :) yeah yeah, this time the girls sit back and relaxxxx, the guys cook. :D
ohyes, and i bought my cute calculator watch tday! *BEAMS! (:
[photos for tday will be uploaded when i have them]

tomorrow's OTC alreadyyy. im so damn friggggin suay. my aunty just visited me. damnit, im so gonna get cramps and moodswings. crappppp. this sucks. lucky this time im not FA or what, if not i'll be walkie-ing all the other FAs for pad or pills, esp FARHAN. -.- hahahah! idiotxzxzxxx. i hope the activities wont end so late on each day of OTC... cus im going to be writing memo at night on the days of OTC. haha. have to faster execute my bonkers memo already. now we have a draft one, but gotta write the real one. so im gonna do it during the night. tsk tsk. but its alright, its for the sake of my bonkers, so all the way jasmine! gonna call xl aft i finish memo then discuss for any changes and edit, then SUBMIT!!!! like finalllllyyyyyy. then when xl finish collating the routes, she'll send me and call to see if any amendments needed. ohyeah, hi-5 partner! love you! hahaa. oh oh ! anndddddd, after we break camp on thurs, im heading down to cpr's house to bathe change and all, then we're all going play for clubbbing! LOL! yessss another night of clubbing, except this night cannot hav my usual clubbing clique to go... cus its play on thursday. those who know should know :]
im so egggcited for OTC, but i still must bring my laptop and not sleeping much. damnit man.

okay time to pack my bag and sleeep early. probably wake up early tml to pack as well. menses cramps are killing. nights allllll. :)

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