by - December 12, 2009

i screwed my last paper. but ohwells, its over what can i do. ytd i wasn't in the mood to party or play, i was so upset over my failed paper. but today, its a brand new day! time to party tonight. lotsa ppl joining me and my usual clubbing clique to club tonight! yeah yeah yeah! me like :) :)

oh oh oh, hopefully this gets me somewhere. ytd i was at work, promoting this event, called superfights, this muay thai competition happening tday at floating platform. then then, my place was situated at Harry's bar, since Harry's the sponsor. kay then horrrrrr, i was talking to this group of angmoh, doing my promo.. then chat a little. they asked me my course and this was how our convo went...
Guy A: ohhh, he's very interested in integrated resorts [points to guy B sitting down]
me: ohhh reallyyyy? im really interested in IR too..
guy A: so what subject do u like in yr course.
me: hmm, i like integrated resort design and development. i think its damn cool and nice, i love that subject...
guy A: ohhh, he (guy B) lovessssss that kind of subject.
-so we carried on talking...-
guy B: have u wanted to work in the IR. if u had a choice where would u want to work?
me: oh yeahh, i want to work at marina bay sands, i think its awesome. im actually going to have my internship next semester, i really want to intern at marina bay sands, but sadly i dont know anyone, and i cant possibly just go up to the HR and say i want to intern here.
guy B: truee. but they're currently hiring ppl
me: true, but they want like full time or part time, i can only start as an intern....
guy B: ahhh, i seee.
-talked awhile more with guy A-
*guy B pulls out his wallet, gives me name card*
guy B: here, drop me an email, i will refer u to HR
guy A: seeee! that wasn't so bad. u talked well, that's why he gave u his name card.
GUY B IS MARINE PROJECT MANAGER OF MARINA BAY SANDS!!!!! OH YESSSSSSS!!!!!! omg omg omg so happy. i just emailed him. heh heh. hopefully i get my internship at marina bay sandssssss!!! :D :D :D

okay i got a photoshoot to rush off to now.. weather is so damn hot. im dying under the heat. toodles! guys and girls, enjoy your night! be it Zoukout or PH with me, ENJOY! :D :D :D

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