Sunday, December 06, 2009

my proud achievement(:


i did alright, considering the fact that it was my very first 21km marathon. my personal goal was to NOT STOP RUNNING IN THE MIDST. and i hit my goal, i didn't stop at all (except slowing down when taking water and rubbing deep heat on my sore knees). but my timing wasn't good at all :( it was under 3hrs though.... i saw wildcards, blazers and paul cheong along the way when running! :D :D :D they really cheered me on. heh! thanks guys!!! love yaaaa all!
gotta train up! then run with stalker for our next 21km sundown marathon in may2010. :D that shall be after her ACL op. so i have ample time to train up. since im able to run 21km without stopping, i guess my future running at bedok reservoir shall be increased to 2 rounds.
and i need to start gyming my legs, especially my knees to make up for my weak knees. tsk tsk, must go use the huge rod and do squats regularly. then i'll have ugly legs :<[

both my knees hurt so much i dont feel like coming down from bed. my knees hurt with every bend, lest to say walk. :( :( :( :( :(

now its time to study! im still as dumb as ever. i keep thinking energy audit is my first paper on tues, only until ytd or sth i found out its financial management and forecasting instead. ZOMG. i only have like tml to study for fmf. -.- crapppppp, im so dead.

loveeeeeeeee (: