Saturday, December 05, 2009

4AM ALARM CLOCK TML. -.- i need time to prepare for my half marathon man! though its like half marathon only, but still noob chye... haha. plus i didn't even train up for it, so i need more mental preparation time. hahaa.

i think bad romance is quite meaningful, just like what kaiwen says.. working with the bsc ppl for stand chart race pack collection was really fun! so many gossips, and secrets that will be kept among us.. HEH HEH!!!! thanks cpr for tday's haul. :D :D love each and everyone of you guys! :D

my schedule for the rest of the month:
sunday(6/12): Standard Chartered marathon, Piano at 3pm
mon(7/12): study
tues(8/12): financial management and forecasting TT, study
wed(9/12): business continuity management TT, study
thurs(10/12): energy audit TT, study
fri(11/12): lighting and acoustics TT, probably work/go out
sat(12/12): probably work, Powerhouse! :)
sun(13/12): shopping with mom for last min korea necessities
mon(14/12): go out
tues(15-17/12): OTC, trainings
fri(18/12): rest
sat(19/12): probably work
sun(20/12): probably work, early xmas celebration
mon(21/12): rest, pack luggage
tues(22-27/12): KOREA!
mon:(28/12): sch reopen :(
i dont have a freaking wednesday free for my regular Butter nights! :( :( :( :( :( :( im so damn damn sad! okay i shall head to bed now, gotta wake up damn early. and all the powergels in the world is friggin sold out -.- im so gonna die tml in my marathon without a single powergel. wish me lots of luck for tml! my knee is going to give way......