Thursday, December 03, 2009

i think i officially give up studying.
term test are like next week, yet i have no clue what to study. i can even lose my energy audit book, which is like the 1st paper. im so not gonna waste 12buxxx. #$*$!#%&!#$&%

tday's public speaking special occasion speech wasn't that bad. thought i would do really bad cus i didn't prepare. like totally, i swear i didn't prepare. but nevertheless, it was alright.. i was married. LOL!!! ethan was married/divorced four times. hahaha! all the diff scenarios our classmates required. hahaha. not bad not bad quite fun. i like my class :)
someone get ethan a wheelchair, he's too lame to even walk! (1000/10!! tsk tsk)

im whooped off to Standard Chartered Race Entry Pack Collection from tomorrow-saturday! will be missing school (again!). shagggggg.
i gotta work doubly hard for bonkers!!!! soooo many things to do! im so scared we wont get it up on time. cannot, i cannot let my efforts go to waste. even if im going Beijing for OSIP, i must make sure i look at bonkers take flight and succeed, before i fly off.

im dooooomed!!! term tests ain't here yet, im thinking of my clubbing ventures already! :>[ tsk tsk tsk jasmine chyeeeeeeee.

bye im off to sleeeeep. gotta report for work at 730am at Expo. god bless my soul man.