by - January 06, 2010

i am soooooo damn tired! (who isn't? haha)
today's meeting with kyle was really really fruitful. we had lots of things rejected back to us and now have to correct the whole entire memo and do referrals to other clubs' memo at the same time. ohmygosh. all the best to me. im going to be cleaning up the memo before meeting paul. ohman, i hope we're able to pull bonkers off! *really crosses fingers*

today was damn packed for me. had orgcom from 8-10. came clubroom, printed all the stuff that we need for meeting, went down to SAA. met paul, then kyle, sat in office until 1pm. went back clubroom write my public speaking speech and do research, went to engine sch to meet PS ppl at 2plus. rushed to library to find newspaper article, sat down with ethan to write my newspaper article report. got to engine printing to print transparencies. had class from 4-7pm. returned back to clubroom and cleaned up some parts of memo. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i brought the wholeeeee damn heavy stack of memo home. and now im doing my financial management forecasting project. bank loans and calculatorrrrrr, HOW TO DO????? ughhhh. i think im dying.

tomorrow's open house. NO SCHOOL! yay im so happy! haha.

i am so damn tired. today is really a damn long and tired day for me, now i understand how the advisors feel.... how they wish they dont have to read memos. HAHA! omg im dreading mine now.... butttttt, still have to do it. and im so scared of calling up sponsors. hahaha! feels weird to talk to them over the phoneeeeeee. =/
i promise to post about my korea trip soooooon!

i love seeing you
and your lovely smile
never fails to brighten up my bad-comeout-from-meeting mood

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