by - January 10, 2010

IM OFFICIALLY 19!!!!! yay! thank you everyone for the bday wishes, surprises, celebrations and gifts. love you guys! :D
i was in school having open house.. some of the SU ppl there at the booth sang bday song for me. awwwww so touched. hahaha! then i had many diff ppl coming down booth to wish me happy bday and sing bday song for me. awwww even more touched! :D :D andddddd my last surprise was sports club main com surprised me with 4 small cake from four leaves. awwww that cheeky xiangluan. i wanted to leave at 130pm already, she kept saying she want to tell me sth, and made me dance mass dance, do chicky dance and tp sch song to drag time. then after that she dragged me to a corner where they had the cake there. awwww so sweeeeet!! i love you guys man! i ate one cake and shared the rest with the other sports club ppl. i hope u guys shared my love hor! HAHA! went off to change and left sch..
okay my bday day wasn't a very good one this year. clique should know why. yeah but nevertheless, they cheered me up. being with them lifted my whole mood up. so we went to have dinner at Rocky Masters at ps, instead of the usual DingTaiFeng. hahahha! saw quite some familiar faces that day on the streets.
here's the photos of dinner at Rocky Masters :)

left: yay.clique loveeeee, minus yolanda. right: dorcas is spastic by nature

since it was still early after dinner, we decided to go over to Timbre for some drinks. walked over from ps cus paddy says its quite near. had lots of fun talks and squeals on the way there. hahaa. our usual self... reached, queued for awhile and got our seats. i swear it was damn funny. we camwhored and talked and crapped. haha. dork and mui left early.. then after they left, this funny thing happened. cus it was dark and i could only see like dark spot beside me. then suddenly this waitress popped her head beside me, cus she wanted to ask us if its alright for us to shift to a smaller table. and so i didn't see her, so when i turned my head slightly, i saw a head beside me and i got a BIG FAT SHOCK and i totally screamed like AHHHHHHH! and i jumped and grabbed paddy. i swear it was epic man!!!! the waitress got scared as well and all of us were like laughing non stop, even the waitress. hahaha. anyway, Timbre was good, and it was my first time there :> me like it.
gonnna bring big bear ethan there next time cus i just introduced the place to him. haha!
photos at Timbre!

right: awwww the pretty photoframe with the not so pretty pictures of me in the past. hahaha! omg i cant believe it that mui still keeps all those fugly photos of us when we were in sec sch. but these photos bring back a great deal of memories eh.

left: i didn't mean to do that. HAHA!

love the company provided by clique. my biggest love of all. :D awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
trained home. used paddy's phone to text cus mine died at Timbre. -.-
i finally cleared the air.
i finally said sth i should have said a long time ago
i can finally heave a sigh of relief
lets let nature take its own course from now on.
if we're meant to be, we will.
if we're not meant to be, we wont.
there, i spent the last few hours of my birthday. and i saw more stars than usual. though i was at my usual seating area.
went home, my family placed a bday cake on the bar counter and lit up a candle waiting for my arrival. hahaha. once i stepped into the house, i saw the cake and my family members on the stairs, walking down and singing bday song to me though it was midnight or maybe even past it. i felt the warmth of family love. i made a wish and blew out my candle. actually i made many wishes. haha! hope everything will come true. anw, here's photos of my cake at home.
the cake tasted awesomeeeeeee! full of hazelnut chocolate and coffee! i love it.
now, its time to work on bonkers memo! HAHAA! one day after my bday, im back to work. im gonna see oreo on monday! yay so excited! oreo is a realllllly cute dog! if i can i shall show u photos of him. actually all dogs are cute to me -.- heh heh!
byeeeeeeeeeee. this is a good post man. photos and words. the next long post shall be on my korea trip! stay tuned! HAHA.

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