Tuesday, January 12, 2010

today was a relatively good day. hahah. i went for attraction management lecture, and i printed my lecture notes! YAY! listened in lecture, took down notes and all. ahhhh so proud of myself. hahah. then had tutorial.. had lunch with clique at mensa. then went to clubroom cus no point going BCM lecture since read from notes can already. everyone agrees on that. so i decided to make my time more useful. i went clubroom to dig out old bonkers stuff and started reading on everything about it. HAHA! from the operational stuff to report and all. went over to ethan's house to do projectttttt. then walked his dog for awhile. heh heh! so fun! his dogs are damn cute!

check these two cuteeeeeeee dogggggggiessssss! awwwww.
& this is ethan for you. hahaha! a superrrr lame friend i swear! hahaha
OHHH, and i played L4D at ethan's place tday. wahhhhhh i swear i'll never play that game again. its so damn damn damn scaryyyy! i keep shouting at the computer screen when a zombie suddenly appears infront of me. the tank is damn scary fat and the witch is damn ARGHHH, ultimate scary shit. i can get heart attack playing L4D lor! and ethan claims that i got gift in computer gaming. haha! i can make an easy game look difficult =/
and and and see this photo. so cute right. i was talking to a snail. HAHAH! cus i almost stepped onto that snail.... and ethan went on to say what the snail will emit a poisonous gas if threatened... which was a lie. -.- he's got the video of me talking to the snail. i shall show u if he sends me. HAHA!

tomorrow's gonna be super packed.
9-12: JAE
12-1: lunch
1-2: prepare meeting materials with paul
2-4: meeting with paul
4-8: JAE
8-late: council meeting
late-even later: working on bonkers stuff
even later- even even later: do public speaking speech research, ppt slides, speech draft.
GOSH. i need 100000 cans of red bull tml. haha!
thank youuuu donovan for helping with my chinese translation. heh heh heh!