by - January 14, 2010

yesterday was a killer at JAE. reported for duty at 9 sharp cus i was having class before that. soon after came the killer pains. took medication, this time it didn't help as much! omggggawdddd. and so i vomitted alot at the toilet beside audi (the cleaner nicer one) HAHA! okayyyyy, super gross. tahan until my duty was over, which was 1pm. then took another round of medication and went to clubroom to sleep. woke up at 240, went lib to find ethan, marcus and etc, sat down and did my public speaking research and ppt slides. went for class at 4, had consultation with tcher on the speech draft and ppt slides.
heh, thanks ethan for the help. but i got soooooo much more to do. sorry jason, my work wasn't on par with yours...

went back to clubroom for meeting with those who hav the intention of running for next year main com.. 14 subcoms in total, not counting our current main com who might want to re-run next year, i think we will be going for elections. crap. i shall keep comments to myself.

went to meet darren tgt with andrea & cherhao, discussed Bonkers date. after minutes of discussing with no outcome, we decided to hold it on ..... to be revealed. HAHA. oh oh oh, i received a call from Kingston, or K sth or whatever that company is called. for the Shanghai World Expo. heh heh, i got my interview! its on saturdayyyyyy. :D i hope i do well, and off i go for 7months! yeahhhhhh.

what kind of person i am?
what kind of attitude do i have and show others?
what kind of image do i portray to others?
what do i want from life?
what would i acheive in life?
what would i be doing 3 years down the road and so forth?
am i a bitch for always hurting people?
relationship brings happiness and unhappiness at the same time.
how do people define if they are happy?
is it just plainly feeling happy?
or is it a complex feeling of not just on the surface?
just a small reflection i did on the bus. i just stepped back to singlehood life, would it be better this way? only time will tell..

gonna head for school soon. am bringing my laptop! cus i needa write memo, budget and do uo my sponsor contact list. ho ho ho. 6pm got NAFA! yay, im going to do nafa for the first time in poly. haha. then rush down for Novir dinner. ohgoshh, sorry if i cant make it on time k? i will rush down ASAP! Love you Novir!

time for school now.... i dont want to waste precious money on cab fare again, just like ytd..... ughh!

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