by - January 19, 2010

i will run main com next year! :)

packed packed packed ttm man! lets seeeeeeee for the week.

wed (tml): class at 8-10; doing bonkers or public speaking stuff, 130-3; meeting with paul, 3-4; preparation of PS rehearsals speech, 4-6; PS class, 6-9; training.
thurs: class from 12-4pm, out afterwards
fri: class from 8-1, slack or bonkers, FSP in evening
sat: 1pm; OTC Refresh, 3pm; work & Jod's 21st bday at cafe del mar, 9pm; cindy's bday at powerhouse
sun: piano class, go out with family

Bonkers bonkers bonkers bonkers is soooooo stressing me out. every now and then, i rmb sth to do with bonkers and alot of things will start racing through my mind. oh yay yay, got a few more modelling assignments coming up :D one inclusive of blogshop modelling. YESSSS! more clothes and $$$ to come! off to bed! eggggcited for saturday!
loveeeee all (:

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