by - January 22, 2010

fuccckkkkk, there's so many things to handle right now!

  • later at 12noon, FMF assignment 2 submission
  • Bonkers update to all P10 members
  • Safra aventure race arrangements for this sunday
  • Bonkers sponsorship stuff
  • BCM quiz later at 10am.
  • AM assignment research (for johnson)
  • AM assignment compilation from everyone, doing of ppt slides, recommendations for the attraction site
  • AM presentation on monday
  • Public speaking final I & P presentation on wednesday
  • BCM assignment by 1st week of feb

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. tomorrow's class is at 8am, its 4am now, and i gotta wake up in 2hrs time. good luck to myself. and FSP in the evening tml. maybe i'll go gyming or maybe i'll head for a nap in clubroom after class tml. and i think i lost my Card again!!!! >:[

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