by - January 26, 2010

why why why!!! so many things!! my everyday is all about class, projects, bonkers, worry about SIP... i DO NOT want to get a computer allocation SIP and do it in house. noooooo. lets see what do i have for this week. i haven't been jotting down in my schedule, so im bound to forget

lets see what i did over the past few days.....

- class in the morning
- JAE appreciation lunch

- HOTstuff model casting
- triathlon (swim)

-class in afternoon
-triathlon (run)
i went triathlon and i never go club!!! was intending to, but didn't make it. good girl :D

-class in morning
-FSP & Nafa
-piano at 7pm

-picnic with clique at 1pm
-Poh's bday chalet

-piano class!

now i wont forget my schedule for the week! horray.

wednesday was not a good day. First, i got a warning letter in the morning. Second, my mom JERKED me up and scolded me for getting that warning letter. Third, i was late for my casting and the magazine covers were like HAWTTTTTT girls. woohooo. haha. Fourth, i didn't get to present my public speaking when i prepared everything, though it was last min luhhh. Fifth, i got kicked and headbutted 4 times by accident during swim training. =/

today photoshoot was good :D i got praised! muhahaha. came back school for triathlon running training. tiringgggggg. haven't been running so much in a decade. haha! training sets for tday was warm up run at bedok reservoir, 4x200m hard, 4x200m jog which follows after each session of hard and lastly, 12min of tempo buildup run on the grass. i was like having stomach pains aft the 4x200m, but i still continued to run.... haha.
oh yesss, my hp seriously died on me tday. as in literally. whenever i want to receive a msg, i hav to switch off and on my phone, then i'll see flood of messages coming in. so i got a new spare phone. HAHA! at least its better than my current one now... time to search for a new phone. mom's not too keen in getting my a BlackberryBold now :( she got psycho-ed by my bro that the plan is not worth it. damnit!

kayyyyy, back to projectttttt, tomorrow's submission! and i gotta rest early for my shoot tml... im like supposed to be there at 10am. Mr Cheng, please end yr energy audit class early tml. tyvm =)

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