Tuesday, February 09, 2010

i chopped off my fringe and gave my head a new colour (:

went for classes in the morning, took down notes and all. felt like a good o nerdy student :B went over to clubroom to take map for plotting of station games since xl's not free to do it. headed to parkway parade.. then went for hair dye and cut @ Toni & Guy. May damn cute luhhh. she cut my hair for me tday. heh heh. and i got a reddish black hair. my "ahlian" coloured hair is gone! HORRAY! no one shall call me ahlian again. call me i punch u ah.

hurhurhur. time for bed. tml's meeting with kyle, scarrrrryyy. please let everything run smoothly.

TADAAAA, beetleheadonceagain :D