Monday, February 08, 2010

the weekend is here, and its ending already! what a pity. nevertheless, i enjoyed my weekend ttm! (:
had school in the morning, then went over to sharon's house for some slack time... left tgt with her at 1pm. went over to Suntec for work. was working for an event, which is ERA Asia Pacfic Business Conference. did catwalk for the "so-called" fashion show and flag bearer and usher for the VIPS of the different countries' rep. i was assigned to Indonesia! wooohooo! so when my country rep was called, i held the country flag, went to the VIP and usher him up to the rostrum for a speech. my VIP damn cooool! he spoke in Bahasa and his speech was like less than a min? hahaa. then when i was ushering him down, he told me he wanted to go toilet and i didn't need to usher him back to his seat. so i walked back with the country flag and no rep. -.- HAHA! he's damn funny. cool guy, i like :D
anw didnt have a chance to take photos of the place cus our bags were at the baggage point. so here's jaslin and angela. there's moreeeee. but too bad no photos. haha

after work, went over to NUH for visitation. after which, we headed down to Holland V for dinner and walkabout. hahaha.

first, we stopped by citylink and we had the novelty ice creammmm :D
then walkaboutttttttt. couldn't decide where to eat. but finally we dined at this ramen restaurant, which is under Jumbo Seafood. i dont really like the ramen, its quite.... plain. but at least it isn't as salty as Ajisen's... =/

i dont know what came over us, but even though being so damn full, we went over Swensen's for ice cream. wth. 2nd time eating ice cream in the day man! no wonder im growing fattttttttttttttt.
oh oh, we did the colouring thing. dman cute please. HAHA! odd coloured bears

went for OTC Refresh 2! i woke up late and cabbed down to met leeshen & jing at busstop, we were late again! whoops, sorrrrry.

my only picture taken during Refresh2. my aunty visited me, so i was like cramping all over. damn bad. i took meds den i went under the bloody hot sun for telematch and i wasn't well alr. cus usually i hav to sleep aft taking meds, then i'll be perfectly fine. so aft telematch, i went back to sports com to rest. then i left after that since its final clash and i cant play as well.

was feeling better at night cus i had like 12hours of painkillers inside me, so no pain was felt, since i rested before that. went for Yiliang's 19th bday celebration at Timbre arthouse. its a nice place, definitely. went with glenda there, met his friends and all. funny group of people. ahaha.

i left shortly after cutting cake. cabbed over to Katong for J's fren's 21st bday. oh and i gave falfen's bday a miss. he held it at powerhouse on sat as well. why is so many ppl having bdays on this particular saturday? hahaha. anw, happy 21st falfen! hope u got sick drunk on yr cannon martel/XO/whatever. hahaha!
went for piano class in the morning. geez, i realised how lagging i was in my practical and theory. haha. so thus, i hav to do my theory test paper before going piano on monday after school. tskkkkk!
anyhows, after piano, family and i went over to my cousin's place for his baby's 1st month! IM AN AUNTY NOW. I HAVE A NIECE. I AM OLD -.- met my cousins, relatives, friends of cousin etccccc.
didn't take much photos, so here's what i have...
baby victorie. (:
my cousin, jocelyn, told me that her friends think we look like sisters. Do we? hahaha
after the gathering, family and i went shopping. we got quite some stuff. lets seeeee, we bought 2 pairs of Levis jeans, 2 bags and shades from Aldo, my heels from Charles n Keith, 2 flats and 1 heels from DnC. i think that's all. i've yet to buy my clothes for day1 of CNY. cus it must be like pink/red/anything along the line and not dull dark colours which i hav alot. hahaha. so yeah, still on the hunt
the mountain of jeans my mom asked me to try on. hahaha!
after shopping we sent bro back to his hostel and i fell asleep on the car. haha. home sweet home after that. (:

ohyes my ikea photosssss. hahah!
black + white humping gives u grey babies. HAHAHA! and i adore giraffees! :D :D :D

the new fashion maid. :D
time for bed! i want to get my hair dyed and cut soon! before CNY! so probably this week or sth. heh heh. goodnight alllll!