by - February 05, 2010

training training training.
bonkers bonkers bonkers.
piano piano piano.
exams exams exams.
work work work.

Hi, welcome to my life. :) im currently back to training frequently. wed swimming, thurs running! :D and i wanna go gym too! HOE KIN, faster pick date to gym tgt. HAHAHAH! training seems fun. starting to get... okay im weird. i want nike or any sporting brand running tights and running tops!!!!! I WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. haha. okay, i've been saying that for ages, but i always dont hav the time to find for it, or i dont see nice ones..... pffft, im so sadddddddddd. i must get it one day, some day, maybe one fineeeeee day. hahaha!

i shall update on my ikea quest tday on another day, cus i wanna sleeeeep now. haha 6am morning callllll, please dont tell me tutorial cancelled last min. i will set the sch on fire. haha kidddddding! yay i got event to work tml. $$$$
gonna turn in now. nightssss all (:

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