Friday, February 19, 2010

im not interested in anything anymore.
i only want............

i completed my 70laps ytd, from 1245-230pm. my arms and thighs ached, and worst of all, i got sun burnt. and i got goggle mark and swim cap mark as well. lucky i've got fringe to cover. and today, im still burning in my own skin. great.

my burns marks...

gna head down to sch later to study in my secret area. hahaa. studied there till 130am ytd.. gonna do the same thing tday and cover lighting & BCM.. i must study well and hard. so i wont let ppl down.

i wonder what's on for tomorrow.. i think clique and i are having brunch at Manderin gallery somerset. then i got a long break in between, 5pm gotta meet catwalk choreographer and costume artists for some fashion catwalk show for a boutique. i'll probably go study somewhere. but orchard how to study siaaaaa! kay nvm i'll find a solution...

and sunday, will be having piano in the morning, then studying with dork & paddy..

life is such a bore.
but we just gotta make the most out of it.