Sunday, February 21, 2010

studying kills!
have been studying everday since umm tuesday? in school, until like 130am those kind. damn friggggin shagggggg! i've covered almost all of lighting, bcm and fmf. left with irksome energy audit and tedious attraction management.

actually i was thinking. how good it is to finish exams and enjoy. then again, i rmb my piano exams. lets see, exams officially end on 26feb for me. on the same day, at 730pm, i'll be having theory lessons. then i'll be studying non stop for my theory exams which is on the 13th of march. its like OMG I DONT HAVE TIME! i only hav like tops 1 week plus to study. then after that, i have to practice my piano everyday cus my practical exams are on 26march. thennn soon after, i'll be going for internship. WOW, I ACTUALLY DONT HAV A BREAK AFTERALL. greatttttttttttttt.

my organiser ran out of pages for me to write, haven't got the time to get a new one though. so i shall record my activities here.
Monday(22feb): studying in sch
Tues(23feb): exams, study
Wed(24feb): exams, study
Thurs(25feb): study in sch
Fri(26feb): exams, piano lesson, TRU chalet
Sat(27feb): TRU chalet, meeting with catwalk choreographer for boutique shop's fashion show
Sun(28feb): TRU chalet, piano class
Mon(1mar): free
Tues(2mar): class chalet
Wed(3mar): class chalet, swim training, BUTTER FACT!!!
Thurs(4mar): class chalet, run training
Fri-Tues(5-9mar): free
Wed(10mar): swim training, NOVIR chalet
Thurs(11mar): run training, NOVIR chalet
Fri(12mar): NOVIR chalet
Sat(13mar): THEORY EXAMS

okay that's for now. i've got so many freaking chalets to attend. hahahaa -.-
okay gonna hunt for EA revision qns paper. hurhur. back to the mugging world.

just so you know; im still hanging on hopes, it will never die (: