Thursday, February 25, 2010

its funny that im hooked onto blogger & FB during exams period. well, then again, it doesn't seem too astonishing, considering the fact that BAAB (Books Are A Bore).

Had studying session at Amk tday with the guys. it was surprisingly productive cus johnson taught me EnergyAudit calculations and i taught Juihsin afterwards! :D muahahah. & im home now, trying to study Attraction Management but to no avail. its too much to study in such a short period. I still have to practice my calculations for EnergyAudit, which is my first paper tml.

Super looking forward to tomorrow though! Firstly, its because i'll be done with exams! Secondly, i'll be heading down to Rebel!!!! yeahyeahyeah! & im having TRU chalet at the same time. how cool is that. but im gna be packed ttm. after exams, i'll rush down t pasir ris chalet, spend some time with them for awhile, bathe, change, head down to Rebel. after club, return back to chalet with paddy to wash up, then head down to airport at 6am plus to send yo off, back to NZ. then i'll head back to chalet again, to SLEEP. hurhur. please pardon me if you happen to bump into a chye-lookalike-zombie.

back t the books now! All the best to everyone for our last paper!!!!! (: