Thursday, February 25, 2010

BCM was a killer. i didn't manage to memorize everything needed and i lost pretty lots of marks :< Lighting was quite alright though. Thanks t the guys for teaching me (:

Embrace for non-stop studying tomorrow, as i prepare for my final 2 papers(which is on fri). Then, hopefully, it'll mark the end of a hectic Year 2.2 student. Which means i can officially call myself a Final Year Student! idk why im so happy about it too. im gna miss TP though =/

Im quite looking forward to internship. hmm, i still dont know which company im attached to. please tell me im not doing it in-house...... Anw, i wish to go Aussie for my uni studies. i LOVE aussie, its like so beachy & a kind of place i would love. my parents were like NOOO, go local uni like your brother! -.- puhleaseeee, local uni requires like GPA 3.8 & abv(reported in the papers tday!), how t heck am i supposed to get that.. sighhh, parents parents please have more realistic dreams towards your poor daughter here, before she turns haywire....

Time t turn in... but first, let me introduce u to my latest love  :D
gonna get Bobbi Brown's eyeliner, MAC makeup base :) :) i think i better make a long shopping list, just like yo. cus i realise i got lots of beauty products to buy. tsk tsk tsk.

The next 2 babies to be added to my own bag are these:
im receiving them after exams........ QUICK QUICK. then i can go Zouk for freeeeeeee! HAHAHA!