Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hohoho! updatesssssss are here.
TRU chalet was good. met up with so many ppl. spent a good 2days there. Day 1 i helped out in the bbq, as u can see in the photo as below. HAHA!

then went off to rebel & it was damn good :] CINDY TAN isn't called cindy already. she made a bet with me; if i dont die on alcohol on fri, she's not called cindy. hahahahhaa! she's damn determined to make me die on ButterCookies this coming wed. i swear she's damn funny! <3 you still even if i dont die & u're not called cindy. HAHAH!

& cindy's cam batt went flat damn fast. tskkkk. anw went back to paddy's place to wash up and we left for airport.  both of us slept like pigggggs on the bus. sent yo off the plane & she texted saying she's crying on the plane. AWWWW! had bfast with clique at macs, and we were all damn funny & cranky, especially cranky. well, i think its only me, cus i didn't had any sleep and i was funny-ly cranky. HAHA! shhhh, whatever happens there, stays there. took photos, but they're with yo, so i shall upload them here only after she sends me, which is gna take ages i presume. hahaa!
oh! tday's her 1st day of school, i mean technically ytd. haha hope she's doing well in Auckland Uni. im so gonna join her in Aussie soonish. hopefully!

went back t chalet at 9am plus, slept all the way till 4. woke up, wash up, went off t orchard. met the boutique shop owners and the modelling choreographer. had costume fitting and catwalk rehearsals. my legs were damn tired aft walking up & down with my partner, liyue! after that, the owner asked us to have celebratory wine/champagne. hahaa! damn funny. had modestro pizza too! yums. oh oh, anw im selected to model for them for the fashion show. hehhhhh! :D went back t chalet afterwards.

i swear it was CHAOS after that. we had like wrestling on the bed with the guys and girls. like 4 guys against 3 girls. hahaa. all of us suffered bruises, scratches, nail marks etc etc. i was like ambushed! haha! the idiotic guys would wrap me in blanket den all tau pok me -.- it was damn damn hilarious and rough. haaaaa. went outside and had drinking session (yes, alcohol again). this time it was with boss and th rest of the senior staff. had XO. yesssss, plain XO. burned like hell. had group photo, blahhhh, went to bed at like 3plus cus i was freaking tired. went for piano the next day at 10am.

got over to granny's place for dinner.

 ohyessss, and we watched DOA. omggggzzzz damn nice please! but before i could finish watching it, time to go cus bro had vball match. ughhhh! nvm ask my uncle send me :D that's all for my weekend!

today went back school for bonkers meeting. wah i swear my day couldnt get any worse! damn freaking pissed off with everything & everyone. xiangluan agrees as well. tskkkkk. went for piano class afterwards, sighhhhh, i have so much homework to do! :( and my tcher reminded me that my theory exams are NEXT SATURDAY!!!!! im like whattttttttttttttttttt! gosh, im so dead. i better start revising and learning all my theory stuff.

tomorrow's class chalet till thurs. butttttttttt, ButterCookies on wed is still on! yeahhh! cant wait for another round of clubbing (: need to party all i can before internship starts.... kay time for bed. town tml first with jon and wj before chalet. toooodles all!