Friday, March 05, 2010

Hi allllll!
 im back. my class chalet was quite good, at least better than the first. though there were cockups here and there, unhappiness with each other, we're still a class afterall, and we all <3 each other! Awwww. anw, photos will be up only when ronney uploads them. which is idk when. hurrrrr.
okay so day1 of chalet, we all played Wii like there's no tml. haha! had food catering, which was like awesome! Mr Cheng came over and we all went bowling. hahaha. met J for my gooooodies from taz! yumz :D & i slept at 9am. yes, 9am as in overnight i didnt sleep. cus no space to sleep. haha, all the beds, sofa, even the walkway upstairs was taken. so some of us stayed awake until the rest occupying the beds woke up, then we took over. which was at 9am. then i woke up at 130pm to help out the bbq crisis. after settling bbq food, i got so tired i fell asleep on the couch at like 3plus. woke up again at 6plus, helped to bbq, then went to bathe, change, headed down to Butter with jon & wj at 8plus.

Butter that night was okok only laaaa. i didn't drink much, 13/14cups uhhh. wasn't very highhhhh, so dancefloor was abit -.- okayyyyyy lahhhh. but i saw alot of familiar faces, lotsa TP ppl as well, which was like loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (: (: Cindy was funny as usual. haha. didnt dance with alot of ppl that night, mainly with my girls... yuppp. anw photos not out yet, cindy said if we rush her, she wont upload -.- but here's a few, taken by Stomp's photographer. hahahaha!
myself, cherie, celeste, ivan's head trying hard to be captured, and wj's stoning face
& i had no idea how this angmoh came into our photos. HAHA!
clique! <3

so after clubbing, went back chalet, played Wii with Hengjie, then went to sleep at 6plus. cabbed home with the guys, reached at 10. and i slept all the way till 1pm. headed down to bugis to collect my pay which davian has kindly collected for me and xl at bukit merah. HAHA! once i got my hands on the $$$, my fingers got itchy. bought 36bucks bangles from Diva straightaway. wanted to buy more but xl keeps stopping me. i wanna get heels and more accessories!
davian, jeremy and xl are baddddd people. they keep psycho-ing me to skip training, so i can continue to shop and not train. =/ but i made up my mind to go training, so too bad for them, i left for training at 5.

WAH TDAY TRAINING DAMN TIRING. this was our training sets for tday...
warm up: 1 round at bedok reservoir (i ran 10 rounds on track cus i was late & the team left alr)
main sets 1: 3 x 1km (30sec rest for each interval)
main sets 2: 10min nonstop run, with 5 drills in between (skip, heel to butt, side steps x2, lunges, grapevine)
we ran on the grass, so at the breadth of the field, we had to do 1 set of the drill, after that continue running until u come back to the breadth, and u do the 2nd set of drills, den run, so on so forth. the lunges was killer. u can feel yr leg muscles crashing down on u and its so damn pain.
main sets 3: 4 x 3min VO2 (it means u run at yr fast pace for 3 min non stop. then jog for 3min, then run again. 4 times.)

i need to rest.

more photos from TRU chalet.....

stupid thenghui holding on to my leg so i wont rush out to help joanna (black shirt)
TRU vivo crew (:

im gna crash naoooozzzxzx. there's casting tml at noon for me, then rushing back sch for sports club meeting, and im meeting the girls at town at 430 for movie+shopping, not clubbing this time round. haha! seeee we're good girls who dont just club, we hang out tgt for normal girls session :D