Saturday, March 06, 2010

hoooohoooo, yesterday was a fruitful day. cabbed down for casting at noon. then, got scheduled for a photoshoot on next next tues/wed. bused to school for sports club meeting. met paul afterwards. discussed some stuff and i left for town to meet my girls. the clubbing clique met up for NON-CLUBBING outing (: it was supposed to be the girls day out, but coincidentally, the guys were out too. hahaa. walked, shopped around, went fareast to find jodine cus she was waiting for her friends. bused back to cine for Alice movie. Peishan came to join us in the midst of the movie. heh! i still owe u 5buckarroooos PS! yr cab fare(: (:

walked around, slack, had some conversation, blah blah blah. in the end, we decided not to go Rebel nor Zouk, but we headed down to Timbre instead.. cabbed over, queued for like close to an hour? but it was worth it. music was good, food was good, the ambience is nice. i love that place. its my 4th visit there, and i ain't sick of it still (:  left at 1am plus, cabbed back with jon. crashed immediately after bath.

here's some photos to share! Enjoy! (:


my model babes (:

<3 clique!
stupid guys, but they're still daaaa best laaaaahh.

CGDO (Clique Girls Day Out)
check out jin long, he looks frigggin gay here!
DJ TJ (self proclaim)
CELESTE!!! control yr bf abit leh, he keep shaking his butt behind us the whole day, trying to seduce us lehhhh. tsk tsk tsk!
the calarmari rings that couldnt break....
cooollllzxzx rightttt! our dedication.. hahaha!

Gonna go get prepared now. Wedding dinner later at clarke quay siollll. GO CLARKE QUAY, DEN GO HOME. joke siaaaaa. & to all who's having bdays celebration tday, sorry i cant attend! :( have fun you guys! and to all those who're going powerhouse without me. DONT FORGET ABOUT MEEEEEEEE INSIDE. hahahahaa!
toodles! (: