Friday, March 12, 2010

IM OFFICIALLY DEAD. (but im still technically alive)
well, quite. i just got my results. its damn bad, partly i think my projects pulled me down. like srsly. i know my CA grades, and my results grades are the same as my CA grades. so i think i did pretty okay for my main exams, but my CA really pulled me down. if i did badly for my main exams, and with a lousy CA grade, i would have failed my subjects. Thank god i dont hav supp paper. PHEW! okay, study session that whole week was definitely productive!

speaking of which, here's some photos of us during study week. Jonnyboy, Ganesh and myself spent the whole week before main exams studying in school till late every single day! intensive, but productive. photos on the last 2nd day of study session! (:
guess who's that!
its TUPA!!! :D
& jonnyboy.
& that's Ganesh feeding him. Tupa is a growing husky :D so coooolzxzx right! Tupa damn cuteeeee!

one fine day, i went down to visit Cindy at her workplace, Xsquad. jon & peishan was there!
how can we forget to camwhore siollllll. HAHAHA!  wts cindy, im gna rmb your SIOLLLLL-ness for life. eh LauPaSat again after Butter on wed leyyyy. cindy, order tom yum ban mian hor. i prepare tissue for u first.

yay, gonna meet clique later for mini shopping at Haji & IT fair, plus friend visiting at the fair. haha. oh, im getting my iPhone this weekend. yessshhh, cant wait! and im gna send the credit card application for processing! QUICK QUICK. *inserts happy face*

on a bored-er note, im super bored and tired of doing Bonkers. cus im like so damn damn tiredddddd. im like so lazy to write more cover letters and send them to the respective sponsors. ahhhh.
AND I NEED TO MEMORISE MY THEORY TERMS. FUCKING ALOT. like 4 pages worth.. and my exams are tml,10am. IM SO DAMN DEAD, big time.

im heading back t sleep for awhile. then study a little, and head out in the evening (: byeeeee