Thursday, March 11, 2010

last night at butter was something i've never felt before. nevertheless, it was supraaaaa awesome!!! didn't had dinner and i was damn damn tired and shag from the back to back meetings and all, that's why i got high quite fast. hahaa. but i still liked, loved last night. clique should know why! hahaha! HUSH HUSH HOR!!!! :B we went over to LauPaSat after club. we were trying to convince the cabbies to fetch us, 5 girls and cindy was damn funny, scolding those that didn't want to ferry us. and the period we spent at LPS was super super hilarious! but its kept between the 5 of us. haha ZOMG LUHHHH. we really had the laugh of our life.

crashed cindy's place, slept at 5,6am, and we both overslept despite having alarm clock. HURHUR. cindy was late for work, and i went to meet paddy to get my laptop and headed back home. had theory lessons, and i fell back asleep. my hangover was teriible! back ache, headache, arm ache, everywhere ache. was damn late to meet kyle, so i quickly cabbed down. had meeting with kyle, paul and eric. then rushed off to meet one of my sponsors for Bonkers. blah blah, finally came back home. discussed Bonkers stuff with xl over the phone and im here now. omg im feeling damn damn nua. and my body is still damn hot. dont know if im having fever or the alcohol is still in my blood. haha.
photos up another time when cindy uploads.

kay im going to sleep now. im freaking tired! like DAMN TIRED.. and its so early now, 1130pm only. -.-
tomorrow Haji with clique, then IT fair to visit all those who're working, and dinner! <3

p.s. i miss ytd :)