Tuesday, March 09, 2010

i studied theory tday! and i got a new relief piano tcher! HAHA! did theory with my new tcher until 2plus, then met paul.. submitted memo to kyle for reading. tml meeting with kyle for memo approval at 930am. zomg, so damn early.
express bused to town, met jacq & serene at far east. walked around to find tattoo shop for serene. finally found the one, primitive tattoo. so serene went to print the photo of the tattoo she wants and brought it back to the shop. some photos of her and her tattoo doing. & she claims its not pain! i mean its tolerable. well, maybe cus she alr has 2.. 1 on her wrist, and 1 on her lower back. ohmygawddd, so damn coolxzxz. i wanna get one too. buttttttttttttttt, certain restrictions made me cannot have a tattoo :(

its a snake shaped in infinity, she found this design herself! its actually a piece of jewellery. haha
jacq and i went to shop around while serene got her tattoo. we walked the whole of town man! almost. i wanted to go shopping, cus my fingers damn itcccchhyyy! haha. i bought my damn pretty white heels, and its uber high! i actually feel like a giant -.- HURHUR. anddddd, i bought my MAC makeup base from Sephora tday! YESSSS, FINALLLYYYY. im gna get their liquid foundation next time, after i finish my MAC foundation powder first. heh heh heh. wanted to buy Burt's Bee face scrub, but darnit, outta stock! :( nvm, another time. oh, i also bought some misc. stuff like a top and eyelash glueeeee. i went Cotton On to buy my shorts, BUT NO SIZE!!! left with size US2/10. i cant fit, its either too small, or too big-.- and and i went Muji, Topshop, Neulook, rockstar, dont have the Vans kinda shoe that i want!!!! omggggg, damn frigggin sad! i wanna buy my THAT pair of Vans shoe. well other brands also have that shoe, but its a lookalike, but its not too bad either. BUT DONT HAVE! cindyyyyyyy, peishannnnn, i want my that pair of grey Vans we saw at Rockstar that day! :<[
anywayyyy, jacq left at 7plus for work and i met jodine afterwards. walked around, bought my stuff and sat down for longggg talk, since both of us were tired. haha. went home at 10pm. :]

towning with Jeanne dearest tml. gosh, its been so long since we last met up! and its our long-lost-wish to eat GelarĂ© tgt on tues! hahaha! so after meeting with kyle tml, im gna bus down to meet jeanne for lunch, shopping, catchup, gelarĂ©! <3

wed is going to be a damn damn damn packed day for me.
10am- reach school
11am- bonkers meeting
1pm- lunch break
2pm- sports club main com meeting
330pm- go jurong collect bonkers sponsors stuff
530pm- reach back school for triathlon swim training
8+pm- leave school to go butter fact
10pm onwards: CLUBBING.

ohyes, i've decided not to go Novir chalet. im sorry guys. its not that i dont love you guys, but ummm, i think no time luh, and abit weird. since im not in FO already... haha. you see, wed is my traditional butter night with clique, i wont be staying over at chalet also. then, i gotta study my theory on thurs & fri since my exams is on sat morning, so i cant stayover as well.. yupp. sorry all. im still attending DnD with you guys (:

im gonna turn in now. im down with cough! oh no, its a bad sign. means im going to fall sick even more.. noooo i cant afford to fall sick at this period! please let me recover, i'll go sleep now.  NIGHTY ALL!