Monday, March 29, 2010

wow, just realized i haven't updated my blog for close to a week?! haha, been too busy and having too much fun out there. haha. kay im going to do a proper nice update naooo :D

had my piano practice at the studio. then met the clique (we ought to come up with a name man for our clique man!) for steam boat at Bugis. walked past Beavers pub, where it reminded me of sth that happened there in the past. haha! shan't say it, only a few knows about my past there.
we had leftover food fight after that. tskkkk, so unsightly and i was a victim -.- nevertheless, fun tho! haha

woke up early to practice my piano. left house late, was like late for my piano exams. well, just nice on time. like when the girl inside the room comes out, its my turn already. okay and sad to say, i screwed up my piano exams. but i still hope that i will pass. gonna wait patiently for one month's time..
after that trained over to school, went for swimming training. woah, tiring siollll. we did sth different towards the end of trng. swam like the full lane, den 90 degree turn, flip overside, swim backstroke, den flip back and swim back to where we started.. damn scary siaaaa. everyone was kicking around u. like open water training -.- damn tired after that. met jason and his friends, talked abit, left the pool with them and uncle sng.
went over to butter factory afterwards. wah superrrr shag siaaa. and i got no dinner again. thus, i got damn high and drunk and i vomitted. greatttttttt. i had no memory of myself stepping into bump and dancing. -.- thanks to all who took care of me (: ohyes, and wed came with some unexpected visitors..  no photos avail, due to cindy's hospitalized laptop. ohman, 3 weeks of clubbing photos alreadyyy. :(

hangover from last night. traffic jam otw to town. was late for interview with my intern company. haha wendy and wenli went ahead. then they told me what the person told them about the job blah blah. then i went for my interview afterwards with the person. she damn bastard siaaa. we're doing property management under that company, den i dont want to tell her which company my dad is in, cus its in property sector also. she damn bastard, she went "oh, u're going to be working under me, and u have to tell me what company yr dad is in" wtffff she's an arsehole. in th end, we rejected to be interns in the company. hahaha. wth! so im still waiting to know which company i'll be posted to.. ohmann, such a longggg wait.
went home to put my stuff down, pack my bag and left for leeshen's place. went to do hair and makeup at this salon, bumped into the AC ppl there! hahaha! went back to leeshen's place for some final preparartions and off we go to Conrad (: Dnd was rather alrightttttt luh, not as fun as compared to last year... some photossss.
left: Baobao! Right: chris myself and adam
Left: huiqi. Right: my prettaayyyeee hair!
Left & Right: Leeshen!
Left: Jonnyboy!  Right: Joyce aka RP!

Left: Boonhow! Right: Mark, Leeshen, myself


after Dnd, went over to zirca with chelsie, bao, leeshen, huiqi and michelle. met sunny, jonnyboy, steven etcetc there. wah zirca damn frigggin empty. not fun one siaaaa. went over to yello jello for drinks. stupid uncles kept staring. then i stood outside and omg 3 angmohs approached me. haha! damn funnyyyyyyy yet a little scary! so throughout the night we hopped from jello to zirca, since jel & the engine ppl are at jello so we just joined them. went back leeshen's place afterwards. feet throbbing with blisterrrrrs in my 5inch heels. hohoho.

went back home, and it raineeeedddd. damn nice to sleeep. so i slept all the way till afternoon, then went out to meet Ben Cheng and sports club ppl at barrage for kite flying & picnic. dinnered with parents afterwards :]
sighhhh, the photos refuse to upload! :((((((

met clique in the afternoon for a day out. headed to Flyer! :D the journey there was super fun!! we sat on the Funvee shuttle bus and there was this open air seating behind. we screamed and shouted and camwhored alottttt. reached flyer, had popeyes, went into some restricted floating dock, camwhored more, went into rainforest walk aka our Avatar adventure! HAHAA! shuttle bused back and we shouted to plenty of random ppl along the road and sang the fav song we always sing back in sjc days. HAHA!
went to meet the other clique at ps. caught When in Rome! damnn awesomeeeee and the lead actor is sizzzzling hawwwttttt! :D totally worth it. walked around, shopped for Cherie's Dr Martens. photos with Cindyyyyyy still!

slack at home! haha. went out in the evening to meet Weikiat at barrage. headed over to barrage cus that noob hasn't been there before. talked alot, admired the kites and slackkkk. left barrage at 10plus. got over to cityhall for macs supper! then walked to the Singapore river and sat there to ton, and drink. hahaah. both of us sat at the chicken statue, played 5-10 and drank vodka. as usual, got drunk. HAHA! wtf we two damn funny. lucky we drunk alr, we just lie down and talk nonsense. ohwait, i puked twice. & sth else funny happened. haha
thennnnnn at like 6am police came and took our particulars down. haha i was like still asleep and groggy when WK woke me up and the police talking to me. went for breakfast shortly after and bouced home. i immediately crashedddd on the bed and slept until afternoon.
so today i did nothing. ohwait, i watch I Hate Valentine's! and i friggin cried -.- i swear im damn lousy. haha

tomorrow gonna help out SL nightwalk. think im gonna go for gyming session or run at reservoir before the nightwalk. staying over in school, again. and wed probably going out with jacq or i'll just slack and sleep in clubroom then head to Butter at night. i cant go trainingggggg, cus of particular reason... haha.

turning in nowwwww. i cant upload all the photosss! :( nvm, shall do so the next time. oh oh oh, and i wanna get a new cameraaaaaa. but i just got mine like not too long ago only lehhhh. howww now brown cow?