Thursday, April 01, 2010

butter last night was really fun! well, minus away some unhappiness infront, this nerdy guy who keep banging my hips on the dancefloor, this idiotic guy who keeps touching ppl, it was fun overall.. made new friends on dancefloor, whom i didn't even know, but they've seen me before.. haha, but nvm new friends found.

shoot for sportsclub was damn hilarious! all of us definitely had lotsa funnnnn, including our photographer, Georgie! her photos are damn nice. heh heh! the most memorable shoot was chris's one. HAHAHA! run out of pool, dripping wet! hahahhaha. zomgggg luhhh! then right, sth even more funny happened on our way back to clubroom. we were walking at triangular garden and this semi bald guy shouted for us from abv mensa. turns out he needed us to get help for him, cus apparently he's locked outside of Blisspoint and he has no way of going in. and he was like damn afraid we would pull an April fool's trick on him and leave him there. he kept saying must go find ppl come, and hurry up... wth. hahahaa! we told Celine at SAA and she was laughing her head off. den Darren came out, but didn't help -.- in the end, some idk who helped him. dammmn funny! and he's a business sch lecturer.
the bunch of us played 007 outside clubroom and gosh i swear its super hilarious. chris and wilson has like no brains, HAHAA! okay dont beat/kick/punch/hate me if u see this. they keep doing the wrong things at the wrong time, making us double over in roars of laughter...

went for training at 6ish. dead tired. time to turn in now. tml's family day, since its public hols. and guess what? my mom asked me to bake since she has ingredients and i haven't baked in a long timeeeee. bedtime now! haven't been sleeping early lately, or even sleeping at all. hurhurhur. i shall show u my ugly bruise another time :<[