Sunday, April 04, 2010

LOVE! Clubbing super big clique like seriously. hahha!

photoshoot tday was fun! but i was like melting in the 2nd half of the shoot. haha. nevertheless, it was fun! :D my mum cooked my fav traditional dish; lei chai! omg its damn nice i swear, even those selling outside cant compete with my mum! but not everyone can appreciate this dish. haha. nvm i shall have it to all myself. heh! :>

tomorrow's qin ming, so my family will be going to sao mu. after that, we're gonna pick up king and chris to go ecp tgt. cus we're all going for skating lessons under waiyin! heh heh! the main coms & to-be(s) are going! and my parents also wanna go ecp to relax and spend time. -.- so after skating and with main coms, i'll head over to look for my parents. (:

time to head to bed now! next week is a super packed week! shall update again. yay! first batch of clubbing photos up on fb, still got like 4/5 more batches from cindy's cam -.-