Sunday, April 04, 2010

i wanna get a new haircut. yes, i know i just got one recently but im not quite satisfied with the scissors of the senior hair stylist :[ i adore thick fringe, but no hairstylist ever gave me the fringe as i want it.
would dieeeeeeee for her killer bod as seen on the right!!!

tday was enjoyable (: but then again, considering i had 24 mosquito bites while skating during that mere 2hrs, i shall take back my words. :( ohyes, chris was joke of the day. both chris & i couldn't skate. but i picked it up faster than he did. until now, when we left, he still cant rlly skate. and his reaction is super classic & epic! he'll go like WOAH IM FALLING. hahahhaha im serious, he's damn hilarious!
its funny how 2hrs of skating can get u so sweaty and hungry. we all went over t the foodieeee place for late lunch (: ben cheng shld totally treat us laaaahhhh pls. haha!

went over t meet my parents, who were just nice in the area. ate more food with them, then camped inside our cosy tent and relaaaaaaggggg inside. i read my book inside. ohmy, i feel like sucha nerd, cool one in fact. hurhurhur!

the adventures of jerry jane ape and animal (: HAHA! cheap thrilllllllls ftw!
<3 you long time clique! (p.s. yo we haven't forgotten abt you in case u're wondering. hurhur)

sorrrrrrrry clique (i mean cin, cel, cherie, ps clique), cant join u guys tml.. ya knowww the situation right. yupppp. hahaa. FRIDAY OUTING KAY! watch whip it and we shall go teo heng! onzzzzzz?

i want to don cute vintage dress, ride old school bicycle, carry picnic basket and lie on the grassy plains taking photos and enjoying the sky view. lets do it one day:]