Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ang Tze Xian
2nd guy from right.
1st guy on right.

Why must unfortunate incidents befall on nice people?
We never thought there was anything wrong with you.
You were always the smiley guy among all of us, always initiating to meet up even after we've left UOB, always asking to go sing K or play pool.
But we never really got together cus of our own busy schedules.
That was our last time when we got together.
My saturday message to meetup didn't get across to you, and im so regretful for that.

Tze xian was a good friend to me.
A good brother to me.
He promised to keep my secrets from my brother, and he really did.
He looked after me like a sister.
He was a really smiley kid.
I miss those times we had in UOB when we had so much fun tgt!
And you knowing my brother for ages, playing basketball tgt so frequently with a group of best buddies.
Im so glad my brother introduced you to me.

I still cant believe it that you're no longer here anymore. Just cant seem to swallow this fact.
and now the press are fabricating stories which is so damn untrue about his death. wtf. media is srsly damn annoying!!!! today's newspaper: 6/4/10
R.I.P Tze Xian
you will always be missed and remembered by me.

just came back from TX's wake. frigggggin alot of ppl. his poly frens, monfort sec frens, badminton team mates from MS & NP, badminton coaches, UOB staffs, family and friends. I can say its the most crowded wake i've ever been to. paid my respects to him, sat around with yihui & my bro, talked to alot of ppl... 4hrs later, bro, myself and bestfriend went to buy food and newspaper for the family to eat and came home.
tomorrow we're going to send him off. 8am, and we're gonna take a longgggg walk. okay jeans is going to make me sweat alottt, but its okay. after that, im going to rush back to school for the leadership camp.. kay better continue to pack my bag and go to sleep soon, gotta wake up early tml. nights all.

treasure your loved ones.