Friday, April 09, 2010

Say HI to the burnt girl here!
i am backkkkk from camp! and it was super awesome ttm yo!

after i returned to camp after funeral, it was like lunch time soon. so helped to give out lunch packs. then the leaders went for workshop and we main coms had nth to do. sooooo guess what the crazy com suggested? lets go swimming! and yes we went swimming at like 1pm. goshhhh! crazy sun burnt us all. but it was fun teaching them how to swim and kick. heh heh heh. swam and talked till like 340pm? came up shower, went back to workshop. then slack around, gave out dinner at 5plus. mix with the leaders, crap talk with the kayak racers, left for swim trng at 6 sharp. haha imagine i have to wear back that same wet swimming costume. haha. eeek though it makes no diff in the water luhhh, but wearing it is like eughhh. hahah.
returned back to camp with weiqiang.. listened to the track coach and her workshop. watched Miracle movie with the rest. wwwwoooooohhh that movie is niceeeee! short debrief and we ended the day at 11pm.

we main coms had our SAR to sleep in, WITH AIRCON! whereas the rest slept at sports hall. hahhaa! wash up, ha dmy macs lunch/dinner/supper and i totally bummed at 12plus. i slept all the way until saph woke me up at 6plus. i slept like a frigggin log and i didn't know ppl left the room in the middle of the night blah blah. and saph woke me up in a super funny manner. she had morning exercise on me, kicking and rolling over me. HAHA! not funny ahhhh.

woke up bright and early, and hungrily. i did not have any meals on day 1 mannnn. didn't hav lunch cus wasn't feeling in the mood to eat, didnt hav dinner cus i was abt to go trng, only had supper at 12plus. so i was damn hungry in the morning, i wolfed down 3 sausage mcmuffin and 2 milos. HAHAHAH! went for dragonboating afterwards! WOOHOO! i swear this is the most fun part out of the whole camp.

my boat had the kayak racers, female db, male db, some other misc sports and 3 SC ppl (myself, yf, xy). i sat at the back with the male dbers. our boat like FLYING FISH siollllll! hahahaa! we spent like 1hr+ to 2hrs out at bedok reservoir rowing and having water fights with all the other boats. then the female dbers were like eh lets try a scenario of falling into the water. so all of us sat at the edge of the boat and we rocked left to right, until my butt was touching the water. HAHA! cooolllnesssss. but we didn't capsize. DAMN! i kept wanting to capsize cus like fun onlyyyyyy. so the db guys were like "eh u stand up la" and i stood up, and vern pushed me into the water. HAHHAAH! funnnnnn siollll. the water damn refreshing. hahahaha. then they pulled me onboard and 2 other ppl also jumped into the water for fun. -.-
reached back shore at like noon and made frens with all the db ppl on my boat. :D wash up, lunch and it was noticeboard making for all the sports groups. yf, xy and myself helped the dragonboaters paint their banners. haha so nice of us yo! but they're very nice ppl, keep asking us drink water. hahha. :D
soon, it was 6 and we all went back LT. short debrief and i went for run training. after trng, met saph and we watch rugby friendly match against sp. just nice the db guys were watching and we walked outta sch tgt.

went over to cindy's crib! miss those guys mannnnn, havent seen them for like a weeeeek? haha. slack awhile, catch up, then cabbed back with kori and peishan at 11plus..

todayyyyyy, gonna go out with ps, cherie, wilson and ivan for wiiiii and dinner! (: &&&& im super super burnt, my face hurts and my muscles acheeee. hahaha. lousy me, time to gym my arms more. i feel like joining dragonboat leyyyyyy. HAHA! photos will be up as soon as saph uploads it. heh heh.
tillll then!